The first definition of legacy in the dictionary is: “leaving a gift by will, especially of money or other personal property.” When I think of legacy I don’t think of money or property, although I think it is wonderful when a person is able to provide these gifts. To me, leaving a legacy is more about the intangibles such as leaving a legacy of love and faith.

Leaving a Legacy

It’s never too late to make a difference 
no matter how old you are
there’s time to leave a legacy
and you don’t have to be a star!
Leave a legacy of love 
let your friends and family know
how much you care and love them
of course, you need to make it show!
Leave a legacy of kindness
there’s always room for more
the world is really hurting
be nice to everyone for shore 😎!
Leave a legacy of generosity
it makes you feel so good
to help someone out in need
perhaps someone in your hood!
Don’t forget your grandkids 
they cherish moments with you 
they would rather have your time
than anything else you do! 

David Michael Barnett

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