On November 21, Phyllis and I will have been married for 41 years! I married the right woman! For me, growing up was very different from the way she was raised. We met on a blind date. She lived in Dallas and I lived in Haltom City. Her parents were I had an agricultural background, she was from the big city, however, she did have grandparents who had a farm. We both had college degrees from religious schools, hers from Abilene Christian University and mine from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. However, we had the same philosophies of marriage and raising children. She is extremely patient. I’m patient, but less than she is! We both love God and believed strongly in raising our children in a Christian home. I am so blessed to have been introduced to Phyllis. I thank Candy Gombert and Jim Hackney for suggesting I ask out Phyllis! Two people who didn’t know each other, suggested I ask out the same person. Thank you Lord!!!!

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